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This VFX course in kolkata aims to prepare students with the elementary and basic knowledge
so that they can produce high end visual effects.Check Our Digital Marketing Course

Placement Assistance

XL Digimedia is a well-known graphics and animation institute and the best vfx training institute IN KOLKATA. Among the several types of courses that this vfx course in KOLKATA offers the most distinguished ones is the VFX and maya course. When it comes to placement assistance, XL Digimedia ensures 100% placement assistance to the students pursuing VFX and maya course.


XL Digimedia’s vfx classes includes extremely qualified and highly knowledgeable staff who are both approachable and polite and are all set to train the students using interactive learning system and live projects. As a leading VFX and maya training institute in Kolkata, the teachers at XL Digimedia’s vfx classes offers personalized care to every candidates so that they can excel in VFX and maya training course and prosper in life.

Customized Course

The vfx training at XL Digimedia can primarily assist multimedia students to understand the basic concepts of visual effects and how to use video editing software to get constant shots and create global standard projects. After completing the vfx training at XL Digimedia successfully, students will be able to make use of the key video editing software and create motion graphics project as per international standard for Web Media and Television stations.

Live Projects

As the necessities and the preferences of the students may not be the same and thus it offers customized course structure. As one of the principal vfx course in Kolkata this course can train a candidate to edit footages efficiently into several standard formats of film, television, commercials, music videos or documentary.






As a leading VFX and maya training institute in Kolkata, XL Digimedia ensures that it
covers a vast range of topics. For instance, the after effects training courses and adobe after effects training course are offered by
industry-experienced experts, so that the candidates can get the best adobe after effects training classes.

Production Pipeline

This is not a technology but a procedure or workflow method. A production pipeline is usually designed, based on the tasks at hand, the sources of the content, and the type of work that needs to be done. Just like various offices, no two pipeline workflows are similar.

Props Design

It is an integral part of the VFX course which is used for creating visual effects for TV, films and games.

Matte Painting

This is one of the original VFX techniques which are used in filmmaking. Commonly used in photography, matte paintings have changed from painted glass panels to complete 3D digital worlds.

Understanding 3D Animation

It is a good idea to think of your PC as an office. It stores files, programs, pictures. This can be compared to an actual office's files.


When it comes to creating computer-generated imagery, final scenes appearing in movies and television productions, pass rendering is used.

Live Shoot in our own Chroma Studio

Here, at XL Digimedia, when it comes to learning VFX course, students get the chance to learn about live shooting in our own chroma studio.

Camera Tracking

It is a procedure which involves taking a post that has been filmed with an actual live camera and tracking its motion so that 3D elements can be included to it.

Wire Removal

Students when pursuing after effects training courses and adobe after effects training course also get to learn about wire removal.

Compositing CG Set

It is the combination of visual elements from divide sources into single images, frequently to create the delusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene.

Understanding Roto

Roto scoping is a very important process within the VFX pipeline. Therefore, it is important to know at least the basic concept of Roto.

Concept of Audio and Video Editing

The process of editing is vital when it comes to VFX and thus at XL Digimedia, understanding about sound & video editing becomes vital.


It is a vital part of the VFX course and is used in VFX industry to create striking pictures.


All the vfx classes at XL Digimedia are well-equipped with up to date equipment and tools so that students can get the utmost benefit. This is why XL Digimedia is often regarded as the best vfx training institute IN KOLKATA. Moreover as XLDigimedia is an initiative of Eframe Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., Excel Infocom Pvt. Ltd. and National Skill Development Corporation, one can certainly rely on them..Check Our Digital Marketing course!


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