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By pursuing our 3d animation training and 3d animation courses in Kolkata you can easily join the
animation industry or become a professional in the field of animation.

Placement Assistance

When it comes to placement assistance, XL Digimedia guarantees 100% placement assistance 3d animation training courses. Post the completion of 3d animation training courses the student can get a certificate. And a certified animator can be absorbed in advertising, web designing, games development, video making, editing in addition to in film industry. Special effects, which is now a very important aspect of film making is a direct symbol of 3d animation courses techniques as taught in animation classes.


The 3d animation courses at XL Digimedia are offered by expert teachers and experienced professionals from the animation industry. Students; who pursue the animation and multimedia courses at XL Digimedia; therefore get the best exposure to both professional and academic world. Xl Digimedia’s 3d animation training courses thus offers certification and placement assistance.

Customized Course

XLDigimedia is an initiative of Eframe Infomedia Pvt. Ltd., Excel Infocom Pvt. Ltd. and National Skill Development Corporation which offers paid internship programs as well. This institute is well known for offering animation and multimedia courses, maya course and 3d animation courses. All these courses can be joined just after completing 10+2.Moreover the duration of animation and multimedia courses is only for few months and the fees that are charged are also reasonable quite.

Live Projects

We understands that the requirements and the preferences of the customers may not be the same and thus it offers customized course structure. As one of the principal animation training institutes in Kolkata, XL Digimedia guarantees that the maya course and animation and multimedia courses cover the important topics which include rigging concept, animatics, sculpting, character modeling, studio lighting, animation principles etc.






When it comes to 3d animation courses at XL Digimedia, a lot of things are included under it. Usually all these courses are of the duration of nine months and can be joined just after completing 10+2. Some of the topics that are covered under animation and multimedia courses, maya course and 3d animation courses are mentioned below:


It is basically a graphic organizer which includes illustrations or descriptions displayed in series for the purpose of pre-visualizing an animation, motion picture, interactive media sequence or motion graphic.


It is an important part of 3D animation and is often utilized in the animation industry.

3D Modeling

It is one of many forms of stop motion animation and students looking forward to do projects in clay animation can take courses in storyboarding, animation, film, digital media, sculpture and design.

Lighting & Shading

It helps in producing computer generated image that looks real and often plays a vital role in photorealistic rendering.

Unwrapping And Texturing

3d animation courses includes unwrapping and texturing wherein the students get to learn more about 3D animation

Rigging Concept

3D rigging is the procedure of creating a framework for a 3D model so it can move. Most usually, characters are rigged prior to they are animated..

Animation Principles

Before starting with animation and multimedia courses, it is very much important to understand the principles of animation as well as to know about the standard principles of animation.

Body Mechanism

At Xl Digimedia, students get the chance to learn about body mechanism while learning 3D animation.


A fundamental part of 3D animation where the students get to learn further about 3D animation.

Clay Modeling Concept

It is one of many forms of stop motion animation and students looking forward to do projects in clay animation can take courses in storyboarding, animation, film, digital media, sculpture and design.


It is a is a computer-generated imagery representation software application that is commonly used in 3D animation industry.

Creative Showreel

It is a popular area of expertise that takes a lot of endurance, a lot of practice, and no little amount of work.


About Our Institute: XL Digimedia, the finest 3d animation institute in Kolkata is currently taking students who are interested to take part in 3d animation institute in Kolkata. All the animation classes at XL Digimedia are well-equipped with the state of the art features so that students get the most of the benefits and can also have enjoyment while studying. In addition as the animation classes are equipped with the latest technologies, teachers also find it easier to pass on knowledge to the students.


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